As well as being the exclusive distributor of the ylon-a YSTI and YSTA Snorkels, the aXis program is a system of certifiable levels of progress that advance coaching skills for coaches and athletic skills for swimmers. By completing the 5 levels of aXis, an individual will gain invaluable insight into safe ways to build true strength and athleticism, flexibility, and disseminate that knowledge to athletes in an effective and efficient manner. The skills and knowledge learned through aXis can be categorized as basic physiological concepts, observation and communication skills, and business integration concepts. A certified aXis instructor will be equipped to build better physical tools for swimmers to use while adding value to pre-existing and new business models.

The aXis program is a series of learning sessions organized into ‘Certifications’ that begin with a basic introduction and progress through advanced coaching techniques to essential business concepts. The program is built on the goal of teaching athletes involved in swimming, through quality coaching, to learn safe, effective, and specific amphibious training techniques that will have a positive impact on a swimmer’s technique. To have a positive effect on the largest number of swimming athletes possible, and thus benefit the sport of swimming as a whole, aXis incorporates a viral business model that allows for unlimited growth while retaining a core of consistent quality.

aXis at its very essence is both a specific set of movements and complexes geared towards creating a better swimmer, paired with a specific coaching style focused on quality and sound coaching fundamentals. The program starts with introducing all individuals to the specific orthopedic functions it looks to enhance, then builds a base of knowledge to help benefit the individual athlete. aXis in its most advanced levels looks to build a program to benefit multiple individuals and finally to bring the cycle full circle and develop quality people to continue to teaching aXis principles at a young level. At its core, aXis reinforces very basic coaching fundamentals as a critical key to success using the program; observation, evaluation, and communication.

All aXis training equipment is sold exclusively through cordiO2.com

The Pillars of the aXis Concept:

  • Orthopedic Safety & Stability
  • Strength and Power in an Athletic form specific to Swimming
  • Consistent dedication to Elite levels of Quality
  • Value as a strong and established business model

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