Teaching the aXis Line – Then Adding Movement

If you have a swimmer who has a poor lower back, what are the steps to improve this?

The athlete must start in a supine position and learn how to move his/her pelvis (anterior and posterior tilt). They should then perform in a prone position and progress to standing. The final progression should be done in the the plank position.  It is difficult to to perform lumbar flexion (flattening) without increasing thoracic flexion (rounding upper back) but he/she should work on this in front of a mirror.

– Alan Tyson  PT, SCS, ATC-L, CSCS

Shoulder Girdle Stabilization: Reach, Roll & Lift

Reach, Roll & Lift

aXis swimming’s dry-land strength and conditioning program contains orthopedically sound exercises such as the Reach, Roll, & Lift. This exercise is producing a stronger shoulder girdle by extending the arm as far out as possible and turning the palm up. Once the palm is up and the arm is straight, they must pull the head of the humerus back into place (reverse shrug) to ensure a safe shoulder platform. Once the athlete has locked the head of the humerus into place (reverse shrug), their goal is to lift their palm up to the ceiling with a straight arm. If the elbow bends, the athlete must change the position by going wider.

SwimMAC Team Elite is Back in the Water

After a couple of days following Nationals, Team Elite is already back in the water and training for 2012 Olympic Trials. After training hard for the first week, the team got a chance to change up their normal routines and hit the waters of Lake Norman for a different type of workout. Team Elite is fortunate to be partnered with Morningstar Marinas (www.morningstarmarinas.com) who allowed the use of a pontoon boat for the day’s activities. Different variations of paddleboarding, surfing and swimming got the team from one side of the lake to the other. It may not be conventional, but the workout got the job done!












Article and pictures from SwimMAC Team Elite:


SwimMAC Carolina – Team Elite Has a Great Showing at Nationals

Photography by Peter Carney

Congrats to SwimMAC Team Elite for having a great showing at Nationals!

SwimMAC bringing home U.S. Open record, most ever medals from National Championship at Stanford.

(Charlotte, N.C.) Aug. 7, 2011 – SwimMAC Carolina is bringing home a U.S. Open record and a bevy of medals after five days of competition at the 2011 ConocoPhillips National Championship at Stanford University. Continue reading

Therapy Wall Squat Videos and Progressions

Therapy Wall Squat

In the first video we have a therapy wall squat where the athlete is going to set their feet a short distance away from the wall and arms will be a bit wider to start. The wider the feet, wider the arms and farther away from the wall, the easier it is.

The goal is to drop your butt to the floor without your knees internally or externally rotating and without your sternum dropping. At no point in time should they touch the wall. This exercise will bring out in-flexibilities in athletes. 

Streamline Position Therapy Wall Squat

In the second video we have a swimmer in our progression of the therapy wall squat, which is hands above the head in the streamline position. Again, the more narrow the feet and arms, the harder it is. We are looking for them to keep their sternum up and a big, broad chest while they sink all the way down.

This is just one of the many exercises involved in aXis.